Insurance Procurement Made Smarter

A Stave Buy It Success Story

Case Study

Streamlining Insurance Procurement with Precision

Explore how Stave Buy It elevates the procurement strategy for the insurance industry, merging efficiency with innovation.


Revolutionizing Insurance Procurement Processes

Witness how our innovative Stave Buy It solution revolutionized procurement for a leading insurance firm, aligning a thousand-strong workforce with streamlined operations, and transforming transaction management into a model of efficiency and control.

Client Background

Procurement Transformation for a Leading Insurer

Our client, a major player in the insurance industry, approached us with the goal of streamlining their procurement process.
As a Procurement Manager overseeing a team responsible for acquiring IT peripherals and various materials, they faced the critical task of ensuring a seamless and organized procurement workflow for their 1000 employees.

Key Challenges

Seamless Integration for Simplified Procurement

The primary challenges revolved around integrating Amazon Business into the ServiceNow platform, creating a user-friendly environment for employees and procurement officers.

The client aimed to establish buying policies with approvals for organizationally preferred items to automate the procurement process. Furthermore, there was a need to seamlessly populate purchased items from Amazon Business into the ServiceNow Configuration Management Database (CMDB).

Our Solution

Bespoke Workflow Solutions for Complex Needs

Recognizing the complexity of the client's requirements, our team worked closely with the Procurement Manager during the implementation phase.

We customized workflows and processes to align with the unique business use cases of the insurance company. Our expertise in integrating external platforms into the ServiceNow environment proved invaluable in achieving the client's objectives.


Key Features of Buy It Implementation

Discover how our strategic implementation of 'Buy It' revolutionizes procurement within the insurance sector. By integrating Amazon Business into the ServiceNow ecosystem, we elevate the purchasing process to new heights of efficiency, control, and compliance. Experience a procurement transformation that brings automated policies and centralized asset management into your operational workflow.

Seamless Amazon Business Integration

We implemented a robust solution for the integration of Amazon Business into the ServiceNow platform. This allowed employees and procurement officers to procure IT peripherals and other materials directly through the familiar ServiceNow interface, streamlining the entire procurement process.

Automated Buying Policies

To address the need for buying policies with approvals, our tech team implemented automated workflows. This not only ensured adherence to organizational preferences but also significantly reduced manual intervention in the procurement process.

CMDB Population from Amazon Business

Populating the purchased items from Amazon Business into the ServiceNow CMDB was a crucial requirement for maintaining accurate records. Our solution facilitated this integration, providing the client with real-time visibility into their assets and procurement activities.


Buy It Results

The successful implementation of our technology brought about transformative changes for the insurance company's procurement team. The client now enjoys:

Efficient Procurement Processes

Automation of buying policies and approvals has streamlined the procurement process, reducing the time and effort required for each transaction.

Real-time Asset Visibility

The integration with the CMDB ensures that all purchased items from Amazon Business are accurately recorded, providing the client with real-time visibility into their assets and inventory.

User-Friendly Interface

The seamless integration with Amazon Business on the ServiceNow platform has created a user-friendly environment for employees and procurement officers, enhancing overall usability and adoption.

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