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Strategic Procurement for the Energy Sector

Buy It delivers a powerful procurement platform designed to handle the complex, high-volume purchasing needs of the energy sector, driving cost savings and operational excellence.


Challenges in Energy Procurement

The energy sector grapples with regulatory pressures, fluctuating market prices, and the need for sustainable operations.

Managing regulatory compliance and adapting to policy changes.

Balancing cost-efficiency with sustainable procurement practices.

Dealing with the volatility of energy markets and supply chain risks.


The Buy It Solution

Buy It delivers a powerful procurement platform designed to handle the complex, high-volume purchasing needs of the energy sector, driving cost savings and operational excellence.

Automated compliance tracking to navigate complex regulatory landscapes.

Sustainable sourcing features to support eco-friendly procurement.

Real-time market analytics for proactive procurement decision-making.

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How It Works

Seamless Procurement in Six Steps

Empower your team with ‘Buy It’, a revolutionary integration that streamlines the procurement process, enhancing productivity and efficiency. Dive deep into the six pivotal steps that redefine the way you procure.

1. Single Sign-On Simplicity

Sign in once through ServiceNow. Immediate access, no fuss.

2. Access the Global Bazaar

Explore a curated catalog of over 100 million items, all from your dashboard.

3. Streamlined Approvals

Automate purchase requests and order approvals. Simplify with the Now platform workflows.

4. Automated, Assured Record Keeping

Stay updated with automated record-keeping. Ensure compliance and empower Asset & Security Management.

5. Transparent Tracking

Monitor requests and orders in real-time. Address issues promptly for timely deliveries.

6. Elevate Satisfaction & Savings

Boost productivity with automated workflows and curated catalogs. Achieve financial goals with cost-efficient processes.

"Since purchasing 'Buy It', our procurement process has transformed remarkably. The seamless automation, real-time tracking, and curated marketplace access have not only streamlined our operations but also elevated the satisfaction levels of our team. We're now positioned to execute purchases with unprecedented efficiency, and it's all thanks to 'Buy It'. Their solution is truly a game-changer for modern businesses."

Declan Rice
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Frequently Asked Questions

Discover the essential aspects of 'Buy It' with these frequently asked questions, providing insights into its functionalities and benefits tailored for modern enterprises.

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Does 'Buy It' support green procurement practices for energy firms?

Yes, 'Buy It' enables energy companies to prioritize sustainable procurement options, aligning purchasing decisions with environmental goals.

How does 'Buy It' ensure compliance with industry regulations in the energy sector?

By automating record-keeping and ensuring all purchases are tracked and aligned with regulatory standards, 'Buy It' helps energy companies maintain compliance effortlessly.

Can 'Buy It' help with the procurement of specialized equipment for energy projects?

Absolutely. 'Buy It' connects with global marketplaces, including vendors of specialized energy equipment, to ensure you can source the right tools for your projects.

How does 'Buy It' streamline procurement for energy companies?

'Buy It' integrates with ServiceNow to provide a centralized purchasing system, enabling energy companies to manage procurement efficiently and with greater oversight.