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Revolutionizing Purchases: The Buy It Way

Dive into 'Buy It', the innovative platform that reshapes the essence of buying. Seamlessly blending intuitive design with cutting-edge technology, we deliver an unparalleled purchasing experience tailored for the modern consumer.

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Seamless ServiceNow Integration

Maximize your procurement efficiency with 'Buy It's' direct integration into your Amazon and ServiceNow environments. Ensure your purchasing data is always synchronized and up-to-date, where every transaction is reflected in your ecosystem for full visibility and control.

Comprehensive Compliance & Insights

Ensure your procurement operations are in line with company policies and are audit-ready. With 'Buy It', gain end-to-end visibility, automated record-keeping, and data-driven decision-making capabilities.

Enhanced Operational Efficiency

Automate and optimize procurement, freeing teams to focus on strategic initiatives. With real-time tracking, streamlined audits, and integrated asset management, 'Buy It' drives unmatched efficiency.

How Buy It Works

Seamless Procurement in Six Steps

Empower your team with ‘Buy It’, a malleable and revolutionary application that redefines procurement flexibility. Engage with a process designed to adapt to your myriad business needs, boosting productivity and efficiency. Explore the six pivotal steps tailored to the diverse ways you procure.

1. Single Sign-On Simplicity

Sign in once through ServiceNow. Immediate access, no fuss.

2. Access the Global Bazaar

Explore a curated catalog of over 100 million items, all from your dashboard.

3. Streamlined Approvals

Automate purchase requests and order approvals. Simplify with the Now platform workflows.

4. Automated, Assured Record Keeping

Stay updated with automated record-keeping. Ensure compliance and empower Asset & Security Management.

5. Transparent Tracking

Monitor requests and orders in real-time. Address issues promptly for timely deliveries.

6. Elevate Satisfaction & Savings

Boost productivity with automated workflows and curated catalogs. Achieve financial goals with cost-efficient processes.

"Since purchasing 'Buy It', our procurement process has transformed remarkably. The seamless automation, real-time tracking, and curated marketplace access have not only streamlined our operations but also elevated the satisfaction levels of our team. We're now positioned to execute purchases with unprecedented efficiency, and it's all thanks to 'Buy It'. Their solution is truly a game-changer for modern businesses."

Declan Rice

Increase productivity and streamline workflows with Stave's solutions.

Stave's solutions offer increased productivity, cost savings, and more efficient workflows. With our seamless integration with ServiceNow, users can access global marketplaces without leaving their ServiceNow account. Our solutions are designed to simplify and streamline procurement processes, making them more efficient and user-friendly.

Streamline Workflows

Stave's solutions streamline workflows, saving time and improving overall efficiency in asset operations.

Cost Savings

Stave's solutions offer cost savings by optimizing procurement processes and reducing manual effort.

Efficient Workflows

Stave's solutions enable more efficient workflows, improving productivity and reducing errors.


Stave's solutions seamlessly integrate with existing workflows, minimizing configuration effort and maximizing adaptability.


Streamline your procurement processes with ease

Efficient Solutions

Stave's end-to-end asset operations suite simplifies and streamlines procurement processes.

Enhanced Productivity

Access global marketplaces without leaving your ServiceNow account.

Adaptable Workflows

Seamlessly integrate with ServiceNow and adapt to your existing workflows.

Effortless Configuration

Minimal configuration effort to make your workspace more productive and efficient.

Grow Your Revenue.
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Grow With Buy It.

Frequently Asked Questions

Discover the essential aspects of 'Buy It' with these frequently asked questions, providing insights into its functionalities and benefits tailored for modern enterprises.

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What is 'Buy It' and how can it benefit my organization?

'Buy It' is a comprehensive procurement solution designed to streamline procurement operations, provide real-time spend visibility, and ensure compliance. It offers strategic alignment and cost savings, allowing organizations to optimize their purchasing, achieve significant cost reductions, and stay ahead of the competition.

How does 'Buy It' ensure compliance in the procurement process?

'Buy It' streamlines the procurement process, ensuring alignment with your company's procurement policies and regulations. With end-to-end visibility and automated record-keeping, you can rest assured that all purchasing activities are audit-ready and in line with the company’s policies.

Can 'Buy It' help my organization achieve cost savings?

Absolutely! 'Buy It' enables centralization of purchasing across the enterprise, leveraging bulk purchasing discounts. Automated workflows further reduce the need for manual intervention, saving time and reducing errors. As a result, your organization can achieve significant cost savings.

What benefits does 'Buy It' offer to asset management teams?

Asset management teams can benefit from 'Buy It' through real-time tracking of the entire procurement process, streamlined audit compliance, centralized procurement operations, improved reporting & analysis, and seamless integration with other asset management systems.

Is 'Buy It' integrated with other asset management systems?

Yes, 'Buy It' seamlessly integrates with ServiceNow’s asset management capabilities, allowing asset management teams easy access to critical data for better decision-making and greater operational efficiencies.

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